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a mother's strength



These paintings are a tribute to your love, strength, and the 3 children you have so beautifully raised.  Each canvas represents each one of us and the 3 canvases together represent how the love of our family and our memories run through us all.From the Berkshire Mountains, to the rolling hills of Tennessee, to the sands of Florida; our family, no matter how far apart, will always be close together at heart.  The ocean, flows through our memories and our souls. Its strength, like the strength of our family, will never cease.  Our waters have not always been calm, but you have always helped us ride out whatever waves came our way.  Our family continues to grow and as we all change like the trees at every season, we remember our roots and know that our love is always constant.  Rob, our sunshine, shines down on us everyday, even on our cloudy days.  His spirit radiates down on us and warms our hearts.  When the sun sets, the night sky continues to comfort us.  The stars are our loved ones shining down, sending their love through every twinkle.  Rob's music and now his memory will forever play through our hearts and minds.  Nic's continuous strength, determination, courage, endless love and support have and will always bind our family together.  May our memories, our love, and our strength continue to grow and flow through us all.


Happy Birthday, Mom


May 19, 2009

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