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These paintings have been created for special people in my life over the years.  Each painting and each story it tells is personal and full of love.  Each aspect of the paintings were thoughtfully planned out to represent, symbolize, &/or memorialize parts of the past, the present, & the future. 

My hope is that you create their own interpretation while appreciating the story for which it was made...

Do you have a story you want told?  I would love to help create that with you. 

*Click on images below to read the story behind the painting. 


for my mom. 

A Mother's Stregnth
IMG_8291.JPG 2014-3-17-22:1:46

for my sister. 

What You Do. 

for my 2nd Mom, Mary. 

Family Melody.
IMG_3981.JPG 2014-3-17-22:51:2

for my best, Healy

Pride Road. 
IMG_5826.JPG 2014-3-17-21:19:33 2014-3-1

for a friend who needed a reminder.

All Aspects. 
IMG_0852 (1).JPG

a family portrait of sorts. 

Lapsley Love

for Bob & Mary

nashville meets sobe
IMG_5491.JPG 2014-3-17-23:33:18

for Shauna, my best since pre-k​.

Lifetime Roots
photo.jpg 2014-3-18-0:3:0

for my god babies.

Twin Hearts

for some old friends. 

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