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the story of jbel

About jbel
(Joanna Belmont Smith)

For many years, I have been intrigued by the endless possibilities of art. As a self-taught artist, I discover new ways to visualize my feelings, ideas, and ways to express myself by combining textures, colors, and abstract forms with symbols of reality. I use my paintbrush as a way to remember, a way to capture memories, a way to symbolize life experiences and to colorfully paint the possibilities of the future.  Not only for myself, but for others as who want their stories told.  


My grandfather, Arthur Belmont Smith aka "Pops", was also an artist who signed his paintings, "ABEL."  My grandfather is part of every painting I create.  Since we share the same middle name and love of art, it seemed fitting to sign my work, jbel.  

Where does "jbel" come from?

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