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lapsley's love

To Donna & Greg,

These paintings were created as a sign of my love and gratitude for welcoming me into your home and your family and for being parents to all of us who don’t have parents close by. Thank you for your love, support, and sarcasm over the last year and a half.


Each canvas represents each one of your children and the three canvases together represent the love and strength of your family that runs through you all.


From the mountains of Colorado, to the oceans of Cape Cod, to the trees of middle Massachusetts; no matter how far apart you all are, your family’s love flows through all of you.  Like the motion of the ocean, your family has both endured big storms and has enjoyed calm.  Through it all, you both have always helped each one of your kids ride out whatever wave has come their way.


Sarah, Brenna, and Chris, like the sun, radiate their beautiful and bright energy upon us. Their love for you, each other, and their love of music bond them together.




Sarah is spiritual and a happy hippy at heart. She moves freely with determination to make Each one of them is eccentric in their own way.the best of what life has to offer.


Brenna with her dynamic personality, is a loyal friend and daughter and reaches out with care and compassion to anyone and everyone she meets. She looks to the stars for comfort from those who passed on, who loves the sight of a beautiful birch tree, and loves exploring for treasures of the sea.


Chris is a man of many talents, from fixing cars to making music, he will continue to grow and branch out as he finds his way.


It is clear, that the many wonderful qualities that your kids possess have come from their two talented, determined, sensitive, loyal, spiritual, and dynamic parents.


jbel 2011

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